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My passion for visual art started in early childhood when I would paint often, working quickly to capture a general representation of my subject, experimenting with colour and having little time for detail or perfection. To satisfy my appetite for creation my father would bring home reams of dot matrix printer paper.

I loved art at school and continued to be experimental in my approach, exploring textures, marks and colours and utilizing a wide array of material to find new ways of creating an image.  Growing up on the edge of the Peak District on the outskirts of Sheffield in England, I would often visit Graves Gallery, seeking out solitude and quiet moments of reflection.  Much of my pocket money was spent at the art shop, procuring brushes, pastels, paint and other materials before rushing home to test these out.

Thanks to my parents interest in art I had the opportunity to visit galleries and museums in London and elsewhere in Europe.  I quickly gained an appreciation for modern art, impressed particularly by Magritte’s surrealism and Hockney’s vibrant paintings of swimming pools. Viewing Kandinsky’s ‘Cossacks’ at London’s Tate Gallery in 1987 resulted in a interest in abstract modern art.  I understood for the first time that the meaning of an artwork was about both the artist’s intention as well as the viewer’s perspective and that abstract art could reach into our imaginations and create an emotional response. This formative visit has led to a life-long passion for contemporary art.

I wanted to study and eventually work in the arts but during my late teenage years I lost faith in my abilities and instead pursued a career in the corporate sector. Whilst completing my Bachelors of Arts in Business, I continued to have creative outlets through life drawing, photography and lino printing. In 2001 I emigrated to Australia, and went on to successfully lead a number of small businesses.  As well as achieving further post-graduate qualifications in business, marketing and sustainability, in 2013 I met and married the love of my life, Mark and together we had our beautiful daughter, Olivia.

Despite not painting for two decades, creativity has been central to my success as a business leader in the continuous pursuit of excellence and creating new services, alternate models of business and in communication with my team. 

In an abstract painting workshop in 2020, I uncovered a freedom, energy and joyfulness in my painting, creating the piece ‘Abundance’.  Since then I am continuing to evolve my expressive and energetic abstract style, and my abstract work to-date reflects the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Recently I have enjoyed evolving a mid-century modern style to my paintings of iconic buildings, using clean lines and flat blocks of colour to accentuate form and features.

I intend to continue to build my technical skill set whilst exploring a range of techniques and styles in the pursuit of something completely unique.  I am interested in art as a tool to build awareness of human impacts on the natural world and to foster action towards a more sustainable future.  

I’ve always loved abstract art and in 2018 I booked into a weekend workshop hoping to find a freer, more expressive painting style. I walked in the room with baggage; very little confidence in my abilities and fear of rejection.  Over the two days my attitude and self-worth transformed as I worked through both physical and emotional challenges.  The result was not only a piece that I still love today, but also many lessons learnt and the start of my painting journey.
I’ve always been a little intimidated by watercolours.  Their unruly and random behaviour when dropped into a puddle of water puzzled me. How could this be the medium of choice for those precise, highly detailed botanical artists? I decided to tackle my fear through a course at the Brisbane Institute of Art.