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Hopes and Dreams - Original Artwork

Growing up in the UK and now living in Australia, I know that my life is fortunate. Whilst I’ve faced challenges, my achievements haven’t been hampered by war, famine, poverty or cultural discrimination. I can earn my own wage, raise my family without fear of persecution and pursue my interests and hobbies. My problems are very much ‘first-world’, a flippant expression overly used to justify a whinge. Yet my anxiety around the future is high. We live in a frightening world with no certainty of our ongoing existence thanks to our disregard for the environment.

It’s been 35 years since Brundtland issued a clear and urgent call to action for sustainable development. In his role as Chair of the World Commission on Environment and Development he urged governments, business leaders, NGOs, educational institutions and all humans to work towards a common future, where our next generations would have the resources and the environmental conditions to fulfill their needs.

I’m worried that these ‘next’ generations are here, living amongst us now, and worried about what they face as they emerge into adulthood.

Hopes and Dreams is a painting about optimism. Whether we’re blind, sheltered or ignorant to our impacts on the Earth we must hold a vision for a better, cleaner more sustainable future. Our hopes and dreams can inspire us to act, be the driving force to wake up each day and in some small, or large way, enable change.Only with this as our primary goal all our other hopes and dreams are possible.

This is an original artwork painted in acrylic on stretched fine art canvas. It is 61cm x 61cm and unframed and ready to hang.  Contact me if you would like some assistance in selecting and pricing a frame.

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